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*Familiarise yourself with the building exits*

If you find a fire:

  • Raise the alarm - use the red break glass boxes located at all exits
  • Ring 1-999 to summon the fire brigade
  • Leave the building by the nearest exit.

During the day you should inform the Lab Manager or Administrator that the fire brigade have been called.

Out of normal working hours you should meet the fire brigade outside the building.

Do not attempt to fight the fire unless you feel it is safe to do so.

If you hear the fire alarm:

The alarm is a loud siren, intermittent, becoming faster closer to the location of the fire.

  • Leave the building via the nearest exit
  • Go to an assembly point and wait until the fire brigade have cleared it as safe to re-enter.
  • The Assembly points (green signs) are located at the end of the path at the front of the building (A), and next to the Rutherford building (5) if you exit the rear of the building.


If you find a casualty:

  • During the day you should ring 37499 (Cavendish emergency number) and ask for a first aider. Give a clear description of the location of the casualty, if a first aider from another building is attending, you can arrange to meet them at the entrance.
  • Nanoscience currently has one first aider - Ian Ganney .
  • Out of normal working hours if the situation appears serious or life-threatening call an ambulance first by dialing 1-999, then call 37499 for University back-up.
  • When calling for an ambulance give clear instructions as to location - we are the Nanoscience Centre, 11 JJ Thomson Ave, off Madingley Road.
  • If anyone has been taken to hospital after an accident, notify the Safety Officer as soon as possible. All incidents, no matter how minor, must be reported and properly documented.

Security & Buildings

During the daytime a problem with the security alarm, or with infrastructure such as flooding, power failure etc the Laboratory Manager (Dave Roberts) should be notified in the first instance.

Out of hours where there is a serious threat to the security of the building, the following people can be contacted:

Central Security 31818

Dave Roberts 60308 or mobile 07919 058255

There is an intruder alarm which will sound before 7.30am and after 12am. If you set this off by accident ring security on 31818 and explain the circumstances and then leave the premises. Please also contact the lab manager the following working day to explain.

last updated 8-02-2013