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Cleanroom Charges

Cleanroom Charges

We have recently completed an FEC exercise for the Clean Room that calculated we should be charging £900.00 per annum based on the current number of users and profile of activity. It is important to note that this does not cover equipment replacement. We also strive to keep the charging system as simple as possible so have fixed the charge at £900 per annum per user giving unlimited access. There is also a daily provision where this is appropriate. This rate is very significantly below commercial rates and indeed rated elsewhere in the University. For the purposes of simplicity we have also elected not to charge pro rata for users that arrive during the year; the daily charging option is however still possible. For commercial rates (both inside and outside of the University) please contact

UGrad No Charge
Masters (MPhil, MEng) £100 0-2 months
NanoDTC £230 0-2 months
Masters (MPhil, MEng) £250 2-6 months
NanoDTC £500 2-6 months
PhD Students £1000 per annum
Post-Docs £1000 per annum
Academic Staff £1000 per annum
University Visitors £1000 per annum

From 1st April 2015 it will be possible to purchase a 3 month slot as a one-time-only, once per person deal. If any access is required after this 3 month period an annual or daily subscription would be required.

PhD Students £350 3 months
Post-Docs £350 3 months
Academic Staff £350 3 months
University Visitors £350 3 months

If an annual or quarterly subscription is not required the cleanroom facilities may be used on a daily basis at the following rates:

UGrad No Charge
Masters (MPhil, MEng, DTC) £50 per day
PhD Students £160 per day
Post-Docs £160 per day
Academic Staff £160 per day
University Visitors £160 per day

Access to the Laboratory area is unaffected.

The Cleanroom access fee covers the access to the following consumables:

PPE (use of): Weekly laundered cleanroom suits, gloves, safety glasses/goggles/shields, filter masks, acid aprons/gauntlets
Solvents: Acetone, Isopropanol, Ethanol, Anisole, MIBK
Acids: Sulfuric acid, HF
Bases: Hydrogen peroxide 30%
Photoresists AZ: 1505, 4533, 5214E, 9260, 125nXT, 15nXT, 40XT
Photoresists SU-8: 2000.5, 2005, 2010, 2018, 2025, 2100
E-beam resists: PMMA 495 (A2, A4), PMMA 950 (A2, A4, A8)
Developers: MIBK, PGMEA, AZ 726 MIF
Removers: AZ 100, PG Remover
Other chemicals: Omnicoat
Other consumables: Cleanroom wipes, cleanroom notebooks, cotton buds, razor blades.

last updated 03-10-2019