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Nanoscience Surveillance System


The video surveillance system operated by the Nanoscience Centre is a 'stand alone' fully digital system. The system is not connected to the main University network and is only operated and maintained by Nanoscience staff.

Objectives The objectives of the system are to provide coverage of the Centre in order to :-

  • Act as a deterrent to theft
  • Help deter improper use of the facilities
  • Help deter unsociable behaviour
  • Assist in safety of staff and students
  • Help improve overall security
  • Provide quality evidence sufficient to assist University Authorities, the Police or other enforcing bodies in any investigation leading to possible disciplinary action.


The cameras used in the Nanoscience Centre are of a fixed variety and are positioned in such a way as to only monitor persons intending to use the facility.

Monitoring and recording facilities

Images are transmitted from the cameras on a dedicated network to a monitoring server located in the communications room. The communications room is swipe card protected with only privileged access.

The software in use is the Chubb Netvision XS package. The software manages the surveillance cameras and stores images captured by them. All stored images are date and time stamped per named camera.

Incident reporting

Requests to examine incidents covered under the objectives of the system should be reported to the Laboratory Manager either by telephone to 01223 760308 or email to

Incident handling

Full colour motion AVI files are stored in 15 minute intervals. The digital recordings are stored for approximately 30 days before being automatically deleted unless required for incident investigation. Images will only be viewed by staff when an incident is reported or alarmed on the building access systems.

System maintenance

Maintenance of the system will follow the normal custom and practice as carried out by the Nanoscience IT staff. In addition, camera equipment and software updates will be carried out yearly by contractor.

Human resources

No operators are employed to monitor the stored images or view live feeds. Access to the communications room is restricted and unauthorised persons will not have access without a member of Nanoscience staff being present.

Request for information

A practical interpretation of the 1998 Data Protection Act and subsequent CCTV Code of Practice 2000 issued by the Data Protection Commissioner are available from the Laboratory Manager.

The complete Data Protection Act is available from the following web site.

Any request by an individual for the disclosure of personal data which he/she believes is recorded by the system will be directed in the first instance to the Laboratory Manager where the request will be logged and forwarded to the Director of Nanoscience for consideration. A fee of £10 will be incurred for data retrieval.

Camera locations

Camera type Vantage CCTV
Entrance lobby - north door Fixed colour, varifocal auto iris lens
Entrance lobby - south door Fixed colour, varifocal auto iris lens
Service corridor - service doors Fixed colour, varifocal auto iris lens
Changing room - in/out doors Fixed colour, varifocal auto iris lens
Cleanroom Bay 1 - in/out door Fixed colour, varifocal auto iris lens
Cleanroom Bay 2 - in/out door Fixed colour, varifocal auto iris lens
Cleanroom Bay 3 - in/out door Fixed colour, varifocal auto iris lens
Cleanroom Bay 4 - air shower/out door Fixed colour, varifocal auto iris lens

last updated 27-09-2007