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This book states the Nanoscience Centre's policy on Health and Safety, and outlines responsibilities and arrangements for ensuring the safety of all those working in the Centre. The information is supplementary to Cambridge University Safety Policy, Codes of Practice and associated Guidance, and is specific to the Nanoscience Centre and the work carried out there.
It is important that this book is read before starting work in the Centre, the information provided here should help you to work safely and avoid accidents.

Accident prevention is mainly common sense, forethought and planning, tidiness and good housekeeping. Safety within laboratories in particular requires constant care and attention, always seek advice if you are in any doubt.

You are required to sign and return the declaration issued with this book stating that you have read it and are aware of your responsibilities and those of the Centre with respect to safety.

This book will be reviewed on an annual basis, and updates issued where necessary. Suggestions for corrections or contributions in further issues should be sent to the Laboratory Manager.

September 2015

last updated 15-09-2015