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How to Arrange Training

Many of the facilities are shared between many users of the Nanoscience centre, often working in different departments. For this reason it is important that a formal procedure for organising and recording the training of users is followed.

Each piece of equipment has a senior member of academic staff in charge and a separate 'manager'. The academic in charge has overall responsibility for determining the use of the equipment and any new work or process should be discussed with them. The manager is normally an experienced user of the equipment who has day to day charge for the training of users, arranging booking rules and organising the maintenance of the equipment.

If you wish to use a piece of equipment then you must become registered with the manager of the equipment. To do this, you should follow this protocol:

  1. Make sure that you are properly registered as a user of the Centre.
  2. Access the equipment list section of this website (under the user and equipment list section when you have logged in) and look up the relevant bits of equipment. Identify someone listed as an 'Instructor' and arrange with them a mutually convienent time to start your training.
  3. Email the manager of the equipment to ask to be added as a trainee user and say who will be training you and what you will be doing.
  4. When you start being trained, read the relevant risk assessments, and sign the risk assessment log book to record that you have read and understood the risk assessment. You may only use the equipment under the supervision of your instructor until you complete the training and have been registered at 'user' level.
  5. When your instructor has told you that you have completed your training, email the manager again and ask to be changed to 'user' level. For some bits of equipment, it is necessary that you take a short proficiency test.
  6. Once you are registered at 'user' level you may use the equipment on your own (subject of course to any booking restrictions). If you become an experienced user, you may be asked to become an instructor in turn.

It is your responsibility to organise your training and to ensure that you have read and understood all relevant risk assessments and COSHH forms.