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Equipment in the Nanoscience Centre

The following equipment is available for shared use by registered users of the Nanoscience Centre. To make arrangements to use any of it, please use the 'find equipment' page (login required) and contact one of the managers. * Denotes a charge for use

NameDescriptionLocationOwnerMore info
Agilent AFMLab Module 6Prof Mark Welland 
Agilent FieldFoxMicrowave cable and antenna analyzerCharacterisation LabAshwin Seshia 
Barrel EtcherOxygen and CF4 barrel etching systemOut of serviceProf Mark WellandMore Information
Box FurnaceBox furnace with max temp of 1150C. No extraction available so no hazardous materials can be used.Bay 2Pedro Cunha 
CABL-9510CC *High resolution e-beam lithography system Cleanroom Bay 1Prof Mark WellandMore Information
Dektak XT ProfilometerSurface profilometerCleanroom Bay 2Prof Mark Welland 
Diener etcherO2 and air etcher for surface activationCleanroom Bay 2Ashwin Seshia 
EDXPart of SEM systemSEM RoomProf Mark Welland 
ElectrospinnerVertical set up for randomly oriented nanofibresBio Lab 
Electrospinner + mandrelVertical set up for randomly oriented nanofibres and horizontal set up with rotating mandrel for aligned nanofibresBio Lab 
Emitech sputter coaterSputter coater to prepare samples for SEM imagingLab Module 6Prof Mark WellandMore Information
EnviroScope AFM *Veeco EnviroScope AFMLab Module 6Prof Mark WellandMore Information
Excimer Photon CleanerExcimer Photon source sample cleanerCleanroom Bay 2Prof Mark WellandMore Information
Fluorescence MicroscopeLab Module 6Pietro Cicuta 
FTIRThe Spotlight 400 FTIR Imaging System combines infra-red spectroscopy for fingerprinting solid/liquid samples using attenuated total internal reflection modeBio Lab 
FTIR + microscopeThe Spotlight 400 FTIR Imaging System combines infra-red spectroscopy for fingerprinting solid/liquid samples using attenuated total internal reflection mode and an imaging system to a create chemical map of samples at a high spatial resolution (10 microns)Bio Lab 
Furnace - AnnealingAnnealing (Ar) - up to 1200 degreesOut of serviceProf Mark Welland 
Furnace - NanogrowthFurnace for producing nanomaterials, up to 1200 degreesCharacterisation LabProf Mark Welland 
Galaxy IncubatorRS Biotech Minigalaxy A IncubatorLab Module 1Pietro CicutaMore Information
Glovebox BalanceInert gas glovebox incorporating a balanceLab Module 8Prof Neil Greenham 
Glovebox EvaporatorInert gas glovebox incorporating a thermal deposition systemLab Module 8Prof Neil Greenham 
Glovebox HotplateInert gas glovebox incorporating a hotplateLab Module 8Prof Neil Greenham 
Glovebox Hotplate #2Inert gas glovebox incorporating a second hotplateLab Module 8Prof Neil Greenham 
Glovebox SpinnerInert gas glovebox incorporating a spinnerLab Module 8Prof Neil Greenham 
K&S Wedge BonderKulike & Soffa 4523 Digital Wedge BonderCharacterisation LabMore Information
LEV - Lesker e-Beam Evaporator *PVD 75, four-crucible e-beam evaporatorCleanroom Bay 2Ashwin SeshiaMore Information
Malvern Zetasizer *Apparatus for measuring particle size, zeta potential and molecular weightLab Module 9Prof Mark WellandMore Information
Mask Aligner - MA/BA6 *Karl Suss Contact Mask Aligner MA/BA6Cleanroom Bay 1Michael De VolderMore Information
Mask Aligner - MJB-4Karl Suss Contact Mask Aligner MJB-4 Cleanroom Bay 1Prof Mark BlamireMore Information
Molecular Imaging AFMAgilent 5500 AFM (Pico plus) NOT FOR GENERAL USELab Module 6Prof Mark WellandMore Information
Network Analyser Agilent 4396BNetwork/Spectrum/Impedance analyserLab Module 8Ashwin Seshia 
Obducat Nanoimprinter *Nanoimprinter for hot embossing of polymersCleanroom Bay 1Prof Mark WellandMore Information
Park Systems XE-100 (AFM/SPM) *Low drift automated step and scan AFMLab Module 2Colm DurkanMore Information
Parylene coater *SCS Parylene coater Cleanroom Bay 2Ashwin Seshia 
Plasma Pro 80 RIE *The PlasmaPro 80 reactive ion etch (RIE) is a compact, small footprint system offering versatile etch and deposition solutions with convenient open loading. It is easy to site and easy to use, with no compromise on process quality. The open load design allows fast wafer loading and unloading, ideal for research, prototyping and low-volume production. It enables high performance processes using optimised electrode cooling and excellent substrate temperature control.Bay 3Prof Mark WellandMore Information
Polos spinnerCleanroom Bay 4Prof Mark Welland 
Polytec laser vibrometerAn instrument that makes non-contact vibration measurement of a surface based on Doppler shift with the use of a laser beam.Lab Module 4Ashwin SeshiaMore Information
Q-Sense Quartz Crystal MicrobalanceQ-sense quartz crystal microbalanceLab Module 5Prof Mark WellandMore Information
RF probe stationCryogenic probe station with a temperature and pressure controlled chamber.Characterisation LabAshwin Seshia 
SEM *Leo Variable pressure SEMSEM RoomProf Mark Welland 
Single Photon SpectrometerOriel Spectrometer/Andor CCDLab Module 6 
Snow jetCO2 crystals bombard the surface and remove dust particles from silicon and glass substrates.Cleanroom Bay 2 
SU8 PhotoresistSU 8 Epoxy PhotoresistCleanroom Bay 1Ashwin Seshia 
Suss MicroTec Probe StationSuss PM5 III analytical probe stationLab Module 8Ashwin Seshia 
Vacuum Oven - 1 - StageVacuum Oven - Binder with a heating stageCleanroom Bay 2Prof Mark Welland 
Vacuum Oven - 2Vacuum Oven - BinderCleanroom Bay 2Prof Mark Welland 
Wet Labgeneral chemistry prepChemistry wet labProf Mark Welland 

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last updated 29-06-2018